Why are mathé organics drinks a great hangover cure?
Why are natural ingredients good for a hangover?
Why do I need energy on a hangover?
Why are antioxidants good for a hangover?
Things you can do to cure a hangover
Other ingredients to help naturally cure a hangover

At Mathé Organics HQ, we would be lying if we said we don’t enjoy a night out: drinking and dancing all night before watching the sunrise - what could be better?! Cue the horrific hangover and we would be lying again if we said we don’t often regret that last cocktail (or 3)! Note to self, we can’t drink like we used to...
Now is the time to bring in the natural hangover cures that work, and we may be biased, but we think this an area of somewhat expertise for us. So to get you off that sofa and into the big wide, beautiful world once again, we are sharing with you some of our best natural hangover cure secrets. Top of our list? Have a Mathé Organics drink! Don’t believe us, here is the science behind it...


Mathé Organics drinks are packed full of all the good stuff: all natural, energy-boosting and full of antioxidants, they are sure to get you back on track again. But why do these properties help uplift you from hangover hell?


Yes, you can rely on paracetamol or hair of the dog to cure your hangover, but trust us, this is only a short term solution.
After a night of drinking, your digestive system is working overdrive. With an increase of acid in your stomach, you don’t want to add to this nausea. Natural ingredients are going to help settle your stomach, rather than add to the problem. Plus, natural ingredients are better for you, better for the planet and therefore, better for the hangover.


First of all, you are probably exhausted from going to bed at 3am. Secondly, alcohol is absorbed into your body over a long period of time throughout the night, leaving you tossing and turning. This deprives you of your deep REM sleep and means you wake up tired. Mathé Organics drinks contain natural energy boosting ingredients such as guarana and yerba maté, which release caffeine over a long period of time (longer than coffee, for example). They are also high in Vitamin C which can help to kick start your immune system. This combo gives you the natural energy boost you need to keep you cruising from sunrise to sunset.


Alcohol is full of toxins and can have negative effects on your body. That is why loading up with antioxidants is a great way to balance out the effects of alcohol. Luckily for us, Mathé Organics drinks are loaded with antioxidants from their simple, natural and superfood ingredients: yerba maté, guarana, Sicilian lemons, blood oranges, grapes and black carrots. Your body can thank us later!

Now bear with us, we know the dilemma you are in... you’re lying on the sofa, surrounded by last night’s mess and the fridge is bare because your mates were OBSESSED with those Palermo Spritz and Limonada Aperitif cocktails, drinking the place dry. That is where our other natural hangover tips come in.
First though, we recommend restocking your fridge. (And yes, before you ask, we have been known to find the odd half-drunk, warm Limonada Mathé around the place and drink it out of desperation in the clean up. But, trust us, this isn’t the best way to drink our drinks, and it isn’t a cure you should rely on as it is a rare occurrence - in our experience no one ever leaves more than a sip!).
So whilst we package and ship your order, check out some of our top all natural hangover cures, to get you back on track, pronto:

Drink water. Preferably ice cold water. Essential for rehydration, and to rid of that horrible dry mouth feeling, this is a no brainer. Ice lollies are also a great way to save that dry mouth - why not try making Mathé Organics ice lollies - this is just one of their benefits!
Sweat it out. Saunas, hot showers and exercise all help in fast tracking the extraction of alcohol from your bloodstream. Exercise is also great for injecting oxytocin into your body, uplifting you from that glum, anxious state you are in. A cold shower works too, to shake you out of that groggy state and wake you up to the world.
Sleep it off. An early night is on the agenda (and a disco nap in the afternoon can help if you are truly desperate). However, avoid work toilets as getting caught napping on the job is NOT worth it! You CAN power on!

On top of the ingredients in our Mathé Organics drinks, there are other natural hangover cure ingredients that you can try:
Ginger - stimulating blood flow, it is awesome at reducing nausea and kickstarting your metabolism to enhance mission ‘detoxification’. We recommend ginger tea - warming and hydrating.
Turmeric - we not only love superfoods, but super spices too. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits, and is also known to have a direct benefit on liver cells, helping with regeneration.
Bananas - huge possessors of potassium, they can replace those electrolytes that you lost dancing and peeing all night.
We recommend making a green juice for the ultimate natural hangover cure recipe. Blend up all or some of these ingredients with other fruit and veg, and you will be on your way to feeling normal again! Of course, there is always the option of going alcohol free next time - check out our mocktail recipes and you might just be tempted!